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ICT use in Central Government

Per Lægreid co-authors in a newly published article in the International Journal of Public Administration about the use of ICT tools in the central government.

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Professor Emeritus Per Lægreid at the departemement of administration and organisation theory with colleague Tom Christensen (University in Oslo) published the article "ICT Use in Central Government: Scope, Predictors and Effects on Coordination Quality" in the International Journal of Public Administration.

In the article the authors addresses the use of ICT tools in central government, what can explain the variation in the use of such tools and the effects of them on perceived coordination quality.

Christensen and Lægreid base their datamaterial on a survey sent out to civil servants working in the Norwegian central government, from executive officers to top civil servants. To explain their findings they use a structural and cultural perspective to understand this variation in scope and effects of ICT tools. 

You can read the article HERE