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A Central Concept in Institutional Theory

Per Lægreid and Tom Christensen write about "The Logic of Appropriateness" in new book celebrating the work of James G. March

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Per Lægreid and Tom Christensen have written a chapter titled "The Logic of Appropriateness – A Central Concept in Institutional Theory", in the book Carnegie goes to California: Advancing and Celebrating the Work of James G. March edited by Christine M. Beckman.

Lægreid and Christensen’s contribution is a theoretical review of the logic of appropriateness. First, it defines what is meant by a logic of appropriateness in the work of March and Olsen and then discusses the dynamics of the logics of appropriateness and consequence.

Second, it examines how the rules of appropriateness have developed and changed and discusses the advantages of using the logic of appropriateness. Third, it illustrates some applications of the logic of appropriateness by focusing on studies of public sector reforms and suggests how the logic of appropriateness might be used to understand the handling of COVID-19.

Fourth, some of the critiques and elaborations of the logic of appropriateness are discussed. Finally, some conclusions are drawn and needs for future research indicated.

Full chapter HERE.