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The Advisory Roles of Political Scientists in Norway

Together professor emeritus Ivar Bleiklie and professor Svein Michelsen have written a chapter in The Advisory Roles of Political Scientists in Europe. The chapter investigates the position of academic policy advice in Norway, and in particular the role played by political scientists in policy advice.

Svein Michelsen og Ivar Bleiklie

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The book "The Advisory Roles of Political Scientists in Europe" is entirely about the engagement of university-based political scientists in Europe with their political and social environment. While politics and policymaking are in most countries as a matter of principle open to anyone and not a licensed business, the analysis of politics, public administration and policy by academic political scientists requires a high level of training and professional qualifications.

Since it's release the book has gotten praise across the world, with some reviewers saying that it showcases the importance of political scientists in Europe.

The Advisory Roles of Political Scientists in Norway

The chapter "The Advisory Roles of Political Scientists in Norway" by Ivar Bleiklie and Svein Michelsen, identifies structures and processes in the provision of political science expert advice in Norway.
Here they ask: How is the Norwegian policy advisory system to be understood? What are the main access points for certified academics wishing to bring their expertise to policymaking? What trends can be discerned? What is the position of Norwegian political scientists in emerging structures and processes of policy advice?

Through examining the policy advice offered by political scientists, Bleiklie and Michelsen pinpoint two important corporatist arenas for strong involvement in policy advice: the Research Council of Norway (RCN) and ad hoc advisory bodies. Taken together, the data point towards a new abundance of policy advice, as well as a strengthening of the position of political scientists in the national policy advisory system, in different ways and in different areas.

You can read the full chapter on Springer: here!