Faculty of Humanities

Guide for applicants to a PhD-position

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The application is to be sent electronically via www.jobbnorge.no to the University of Bergen.

In order for your application to be evaluated, all fields that are marked with a star(*) must be filled in. Other fields are not mandatory, but are helpful for the Faculty of Humanities' evaluation of your application.

Make sure that the name of your supervisor at University of Bergen is given at the top of your application letter.

The following information must be enclosed:

  • Dissertation proposal, maximum 5 pages
  • Bibliography for the dissertation proposal
  • Time schedule for the completion of your project
  • Maximum 3 page summary of your master thesis
  • All diplomas achieved in higher education from university/college (scanned version)
  • List of academic publications (if any)

The enclosures may be in Word or pdf-format.