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Rules for charging your electrical devices

More and more electrical devices are becoming chargeable, and these represent a real fire hazard unless some precautions are taken. Here you will find easy to remember rules for how to charge your electrical devises.

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Faulty chargers have been responsible for several fires these last years, and we would therefore advice you to follow these simple rules. The rules apply as much to your own home as your workplace.

Rules for using an electric charger.

  • Always charge your electrical devices in a room with a smoke detector.
  • Only use a charger when you are awake and present.
  • Read and follow the user manual.
  • Use the charger that came with the device if possible.
  • Put your device on a non-flammable surface when charging it.
  • Do not charge your device in bed.
  • Do not charge your device in a corridor or a stairway. These must be usable as an escape route in case of a fire.
  • Always replace damaged electrical devices, chargers, and equipment.

REMEMBER: Charging the battery of your electric bicycle at your office or in the common area in UiB office space is prohibited. Use the charging-cabinets or power outlets in the UiB bicycle parking-houses