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Mental health

Places to get support if you're struggling

Here's a list of possible places to seek support if you're struggling. Many of the instances are free of charge and doesn't require a referral. The list is not exhaustive.

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Many of the webpages linked to here only exist in Norwegian. Still, it's very likely that most of the instances have English speaking staff. You may contact the Occupational Health service if you need help with translation or the initial contact.

Cognitive behavioural therapy

Rask psykisk helsehjelp (fast track psychological help)

Rask psykisk helsehjelp is a low-threshold, fast track psychological treatment programme offered by Bergen kommune. Do you struggle with depressive thoughts and sadness? Are you stressed and anxious? Are you troubled by concernes? Feeling uncomfortable in social situations? Suffering from poor sleep? If so, you might be in Rask psykisk helsehjelp's target group. Some modules are translated to English. 

Free of charge. Please note: This service is only available for inhabitants in certain areas of Bergen kommune.

Webpage to Rask psykisk helsehjelp. (NO only)

Assisted self-help

Assstert self-help offers modules with self-help tools that can be used for different problems. For example: Depression, anxiety, sleep problems, stress and strain, perfectionism, and more. The modules/tools are available (free) via mental health care in Bergen municipality, but can also be purchased by private individuals.

Assisted self-help

Self-help videos

Psychologist, Magnus Nordmo, has made several self-help videos available online. They adress self-help for depression, anxiety, panic disorder and long term sleep problems. Free of charge. Available in Norwegian and English.

The videoes can be viewed here at YouTube.

Norwegian Association for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

In Norwegian called Norsk forening for kognitiv terapi. Offers self-help guides and info related to (mostly) depression and anxiety. Information in different languages.

Webpages of the Norwegian Association for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Relationship and family issues

Familievernkontoret Bergen og Omland offers free couple councelling, family therapy and mandatory mediation (marital breakdown).  Councelling offered regardless of marital status or having children. Free of charges. No refferal needed.

Webpages of Bergen og Omland familiekontor. (NO only)

Help during a life crisis

Livskrisehjelpen at Bergen legevakt (the public A&E in Solheimsgaten 9) provides help and support for people having an acute life crisis, e.g. a traumatic life event, a sudden loss of a loved one, suicide, difficult relationships or breakups. 

Webpage Livskrisehjelpen.

Sexual violence and trauma


Voldtektsmottaket is the public A&E especially for victims of sexual violence. Phone number 55 55 99 50. If you've been raped or experienced other forms of sexual violence, you may call them or go directly to Bergen legevakt (the public A&E in Solheimsgaten 9) for a medical exam, forensic documentation, crisis management and follow-up. Voldtektsmottaket is open 24/7, all year. 

Webpage Voldtektsmottaket

Helpline for victims of sexual trauma

Hjelpetelefonen for seksuelt misbrukte is a free of charge, 24/7 helpline for victims of sexual violence in all ages and their next of kin.

Number: 800 57 000 (free of charge).

Webpages Hjelpetelefonen for seksuelt misbrukte.

Nok. Bergen

Nok. Bergen provides interdisiplinary, low-threshold help and support for all victims of sexual violence and their next of kin. Free of charge.

Webpages Nok. Bergen.

Crisis center for victims of violence

Krisesenter for Bergen og omegn provides help to people that've experienced violence or threaths of violence in close relations, and who are in need of guidance or a safe and temporary place to live. Open 24/7. 

Webpage to Krisesenter Bergen og omegn

Mental health help line

Hjelpetelefonen Mental Helse is a help line for everyone who needs someone to talk to. Open 24/7 and free of charge (Norwegian numbers only).

Phone: 116 123

Webpages Hjelpetelefonen Mental Helse.

Pregnancy and abortion

Amathea supplement the public health care system with guidance and follow-up of women, men and couples having pregnancy ambivalence. The provide support regardless whether you're experiencing doubt, a crisis, relief, sorrow, joy or regret. You can talk to them alone or together with a partner. Free-of-charge.

Webpages Amathea.

Female genital mutilation

Have you been through genital mutilation, or have questions about the matter, you're welcome to contact Amathea. They can help answer questions you may have. The also provide support and guide you on where to get help. Amathea is a free-of-charge.

Webpages Amathea.

Self help groups

Link Bergen og omegn organizes self help groups.

You can reach out to them if you'd like to join or organize a self help group.

Webpages Link Bergen og omegn.

General Practioner

Your general practioner (GP) can reffer you to a psychologist if needed. Your GP can also function as a conversational partner if you're struggling. 

Psychologist services

In Norway there's two ways to get to a psychologist; Either go to you GP and ask for a refferal for follow-up in the public health care system, or you can contact an indepentent psychologist yourself. 

The psychologists who offer treatment outside of the public health care system will often have shorter waiting lists and may start treatment on short notice. The charges are fully covered by the patient.