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Eye examination and computer glasses

Information about eye examination, computer glasses and safety googles with vision correction.

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If an employee experiences eye vision problems, facilitating the workplace is the first thing that must be considered. Sometimes computerglasses or safety googles with vision correction is needed.

Facilitating the computer workplace

Work in front of the computer screen puts great demands on the eyes because of the short distance and small field of view. Eye vision problems or eye interruptions may come from different causes, but the first thing that must be considered is how to facilitate the workplace regarding lighting and ergonomic design. See the following links: 

Eye examination, computerglasses and safety googles with vision correction

If the eye vision problem persists after facilitating the computer workplace, the employee should get an eye examination so that an optician can consider whether the employee needs computer glasses or not. For some employees,  safety googles with vision correction might be necessary.

The employee must follow "Guidelines for eye examination and acquisition of computer glasses", fill out the form "Eye examination and computer glasses" and use an optician with a purchase agreement with UiB in order to to get costs refunded. The same optician must be used for safety googles with vision correction. There might be some processingtime before the costs is refunded.

Opticians with purchase agreement with UiB

When an employee needs en eye examination and computer glasses, an optician with a purchase agreement with UiB must be used in order to get costs refunded.

Specsavers has from 01.03.20 the purchase agreement with UiB.