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The AKAN Committee

The AKAN Committee coordinates the work to prevent addiction and substance abuse at the university.

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The AKAN Committee is organised under the Working Environment Committee and has the following main tasks: 

  • Provide information and education about addiction or substance abuse.
  • Facilitate treatment and follow-up of employees with addiction or substance abuse issues.
  • Develop action plans for the employer to prevent alcohol and substance abuse, and prepare annual reports for submission to the Working Environment Committee.

The members of this committee serve as experts in efforts to prevent alcohol and substance abuse, in addition to being resource persons for their own employee organisations.

The AKAN Committee is appointed by the Working Environment Committee and consists of union representatives from the Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations, Parat, the Norwegian Union of Government Employees, the Norwegian Association of Researchers , as well as the employer represented by the Division of Human Resources and the Occupational Health Service. The committee elects its own chairperson.


Members 2024

Chair: Ørjan Leren 

Union representatives:

  • NTL: Unni Lange Buanes
  • Parat: Liv-Grethe Gudmundsen
  • Akademikerne: Kristian Botnen
  • Forskerforbundet: Helge Holgersen


The Occupational Health Service:

  • Nurse in Occupational Health, Gunvor Røssland Landro

UiB's chief Safety Delegate:

  • June-Vibecke Knudtsen Indrevik