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Fire instructions for teaching and meeting rooms

The instructions apply to all use of teaching rooms and rooms that are used as meeting rooms etc.

Main content

  • During lectures, courses and other teaching, the lecturer or person in charge of teaching is responsible for ensuring compliance with these instructions.
  • Where teaching rooms, meeting rooms, canteens and other rooms are used for other purposes – for example, for film shows, social gatherings, etc. – the arranger must appoint a person who will be responsible for ensuring compliance with these instructions. The name of the person responsible for this must be indicated in the application to use the room.
  • Before and during the event, the person responsible for this must:
    - Ensure that no loose chairs and equipment are placed in the room.
    - Ensure that the maximum permitted number of people in the room as
      shown on the notice on the wall is not exceeded.
    - Ensure that no changes are made to technical and other fire installations.
    - Familiarise themselves with the general fire instructions and evacuation
      plan for the building and of the location of evacuation routes and fire
      extinguishing equipment.
  • In the event of a fire or when the fire alarm sounds, the person responsible should:
    - Ensure that evacuation of the room is initiated.
    - Ensure that any necessary assistance is provided to people with movement
      and orientation disabilities
    - Make themselves known to the user representative, operating staff, security
      company and fire brigade.

 Faculties/divisions/departments are responsible for ensuring that their own lecturers are familiar with these instructions.