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Procedures in the case of break-ins and theft

Break-ins, theft and vandalism occurring at UiB must always be reported to UiB and the police.

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Immediate measures

Calling out operational services
Operational services must always be called out immediately in situations where, for example, locks need to be changed or the building or other valuables need to be secured. After 2.30 pm, the guards at the security centre should be called out.

Calling out the police
Where the need to secure evidence, apprehend an offender or other circumstances require the police to be summoned immediately, ring the emergency number 112. This telephone number should be used only where there is a need for immediate help. Otherwise, call the police direct line 02800, telephone no. 55 55 63 00.

Internal reporting

Break-in, theft and robbery a must be reported in the digital system for HSE non-conformities.

A copy of this notification is sent to The Estate and Facilities Division.

Reporting to the police

Break-ins, theft, vandalism and other breaches of the law must always be reported to the police, even where the breach in question perhaps causes only modest damage or where from experience you consider the chances of a resolution to be small.


Internal compensation for movable/personal property
Applications for compensation to cover the cost of repairs to, and the loss of, movable/personal property should be sent to the faculty/division under which the body that is the injured party belongs.

Building technology damage
Requirements for the remedying of building technology damage should be reported via the faculty/division to the the Estate and Facilities Management Division.

Claims for compensation against the offender
A claim for compensation should be raised when the identity of the offender is known. The Estate and Facilities Management Division draws up the claim, which includes a request for the prosecuting authority to forward the claim in conjunction with the criminal case. The costs of repairs and any value of lost movable/property must be documented by invoice copies and other relevant documentation. The body that has sustained the loss should provide the necessary documentation and forward this to The Estate and Facilities Management Division. The Estate and Facilities Management Division provides the documentation in the event of building-related damage.