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Kick-off meetings and operational phase

Once the funding has been awarded, the project starts and there are several things that you as a project manager (responsible scientist) need to be aware of.

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Administrative kick-off meetings

The Research Section at the Department of Informatics will organize administrative kick-off meetings for newly funded projects*. The meetings will be held either during the revision phase or shortly after the agreement with the funding source is in place.

The project manager (responsible scientist) as well as representatives from the department (head of administration, head of department, research coordinator) and faculty (financial services/accounting, HR, if relevant communications) will be invited to the meeting. If relevant, also other key personnel can be included. The aim of the meeting is to discuss the overall plan for implementation, including critical milestones, and to ensure that project management and operation will be efficient and timely. We will focus on:

  • accounting and reporting
  • employment plans and procedures
  • contract, collaboration agreement, ethics issues, routines for internal control
  • other issues (communication activities, admission of PhD candidates, publications, data management, career development plans etc.).

*For EU projects, the BOA-team will organize administrative kick-off meetings. Please have a look at their websites for more detailed information.

Operational phase

The BOA-team has prepared detailed websites on this topic.