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Research Section at the Department of Informatics

The Research Section at the Department of Informatics is an advisory body to the department leadership, and helps to achieve the department's scientific goals through active support of our researchers.

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The Research Section's main task is to support the department's researchers (and leadership) during the preparation of grant applications. In addition, we offer support related to contractual work and a variety of other research administrative tasks. You can find a comprehensive overview of our offers on the following website: Research support services at the Department of Informatics.

In addition to our funding-related support services, we are also involved in managing the Center for Data Science (CEDAS).


Lene Tøftestuen, January-August 2022, support of NORBIS, other funding-related support

Ragna Breines, August 2022-April 2023, support of NORBIS and DLN, other funding-related support

Eirik Herfindal, November 2021-November 2023, support of CEDAS