Department of Information Science and Media Studies

PhD and Postdoc Research

The Department of Information Science and Media Studies currently has 17 PhD-candidates working on various projects related to the media and information sciences. The department also houses seven postdoctoral projects. Find out more about the research conducted by our PhD- and postdoctural fellows here.


Helle Sjøvaag: The Impact of Structural Shifts on the News
Sjøvaag’s postdoctoral research asks how media ownership influences media content, and how content may in turn influence ownership structures. The project looks at the Scandinavian television and newspaper markets, specifically investigating the strategies of Schibsted and Telenor. With Norwegian media ownership law (Lov om eierskap i medier) currently undergoing revision, the situation also allows for analysis of the effects of technological and structural changes on the principles behind media regulation.

Brita Ytre-Arne:
Responding to welfare state services through social media: Communication, experiences and public opinion
Brita Ytre-Arne's postdoctoral project provides an analysis of the role of social media as an arena for debating and responding to the welfare state. The main research question for the project is: What is the impact of social media on 1) user communication with welfare state services, 2) the sharing of experiences between welfare service users and 3) formation of public opinion about the welfare state? The three-part research question will be answered through a case study approach, drawing on qualitative methods including interviews and discourse analysis, and on theoretical perspectives from public sphere theory, sociology and audience and reception research. The postdoctoral project is part of the interdisciplinary research project Responding to welfare state services: An analysis of users, media and public institutions, conducted by the Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies and UiB, and funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

Erlend Lavik: Of Authorship and Originality
Lavik’s postdoctoral project lies at the intersection between law and the humanities. It explores the feasibility of using theories about originality, creativity, and authorship from aesthetics in order to rearticulate how the same terms are conceptualized in copyright law. Lavik's project is part of the HERA-funded international collaboration "Of Authorship and Originality: Reclaiming Copyright in Support of Creative Collaboration in the Digital Environment". See the project's website here.