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Teaching at National Law University Delhi (NLUD)

Bjørnar Borvik from the Faculty of Law has been teaching at the National Law University Delhi (NLUD).

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The collaboration project with National Law University Delhi (NLUD) was initiated in 2015. With money granted from SIU, the Faculty of Law was able to facilitate further development of the collaboration.

During his stay, professor Bjørn Borvik experienced that NLUD is looking at the Bergen Faculty of Law as a valuable partner. The collaboration partners at the Indian university are plannig to invite more people from the faculty to Dehli to teach.

Both individual lectures that form part of an already existing course which is part of the NLUD programme, or certificate courses which are taugth in full by the guest lecturer, are among the possible teaching options.

Lectures at NLUD
Borvik held the course "European civil and political human rights" extending over 24 lectures in one week. Mainly about 15 to 20 students participated in the classes. The group was compound, consisting of students from the 2nd year of study and to PhD-level. Borvik tells us that the students were very much involved and engaged, and that they on their own initiative asked questions and made several comments on the lecture.

After the course, the students had a two-day exam.