Faculty of Law

Faculty management and organisation

Academic and administrative organisation of the Faculty of Law.

Main entrance of the Faculty of Law.
The faculty of Law is one of seven faculties at the University of Bergen.
Eivind Senneset, UiB

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The Faculty Board is the highest governing body of the faculty. The Dean is responsible for the daily management, while the Faculty Director is responsible for the faculty's administration. 

Faculty Board

The Faculty Board makes decisions on overall financial and strategic matters. The Board also has the authority to make appointments to permanent scientific positions. The Board consists of the Dean (chair) and Pro Dean (vice chair), together with representatives from the permanent academic staff, the fixed-term academic staff, the administrative staff and the students, as well as an external member.

Dean's Office

The Dean is the Chair of the Faculty Board, and has the responsibility for all academic activity and the daily management of the Faculty. The Dean is elected together with the Pro Dean for a period of fours years. The scientific management group also include a Vice Dean of Education and a Vice Dean of Management and Innovation.

Faculty Commitees

  • The Research Committee is lead by the Pro Dean. It is an advisory body for the faculty board in matters relating to research, function as the program board for the PhD program and manages financial support schemes for research activities.
  • The Education Committee is lead by the Vice Dean of Education. It is an advisory body for the faculty board in matters relating to education, function as the program board for the master's programmes in law and coordinate the Faculty's student exchange agreements.
  • The Nomination Committee make recommendations to the Faculty Board regarding appointments to permanent scientific positions as associate professor and professor.
  • The Employment Committee make appointments to fixed-term scientific positions.
  • The Research Ethics Committee work to promote knowledge of research ethics and handle issues related to misconduct.

Faculty Administration

The Faculty Director is the highest administrativ official at the Faculty, and is responsible for the faculty's administration. The Director is supported by an Assistant Director.

The administration at the Faculty of Law is divided into two sections:

  • Education and student affairs
  • Research and academic affairs

Research Groups and Centers

There are currently 14 research groups at the Faculty, covering all the traditional legal diciplines. The research group leaders have the administrative responsibility for academic activities within the research groups and functions as a consultative body for the Faculty management.

The Faculty is involved in the following centers:

Law Library

The Law Library is organised under the University of Bergen Library.