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Planlegging av pliktarbeid

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Being a PhD candidate at LLE - rights and obligation


An overview of duties and rights as a research fellow at the Faculty of Humanities (eg information about holidays, sick leave, leave) can be found in information leaflet from the faculty (in Norwegian). You can also read up on the rights and obligations of a PhD candidate here:

Regulations for the degree of Philosophia Doctor (PhD) at the University of Bergen 

See also general information about being employed at UiB on UiB's Employee Pages.

Questions concerning the employment relationship as a research fellow (e.g. sick leave, leave, holidays, HSE, workplace arrangements and questions about travel expenses, and salaries) can be directed to administration consultant Jorunn Nedreberg.



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Operating funds (Driftsmidler)

Those who are employed as ph.d. candidates at LLE receive NOK 24,000 in operating funds for the first three years of the scholarship period (a total of NOK 72,000 for the entire scholarship period). The operating funds shall cover expenses for the work on the dissertation, and may e.g. useful to; professional travel, conference fee, purchase of books, purchase of additional IT equipment or software, course fees. Ordinary supplies, on the other hand, are made available by the department and shall not be charged to the candidate's operating funds (writing equipment, paper, binders, USB sticks, etc.).

The operating funds can also be used for language proof reading of the dissertation if the candidate so wishes, or for printing more dissertation copies than those covered by the department. The remaining funds can, however, not be used for a "doctoral dinner" or equivalent events after a public defense. The operating funds are transferred from year to year. When the scholarship period has expired, the doctoral student may use the remaining operating funds, if there is is an agreement on that with the department.If you have questions about the use of operating funds, you can contact financial consultant Liv Mørch.


IT equipment

Within a reasonable frame, the department covers the cost of purchasing a computer. Those who want computer equipment beyond that must expect to cover part of the cost with their own funds. The institute recommends that those who like a PC buy a portable computer plus a docking station. Thus, with the help of one machine (including docking station, extra keyboard and screen) the need for both a statnionart and portable computer is covered. Alternatively, you can choose either a stationary or a portable computer. There are no good solutions for docking laptops. Mac users should therefore choose either a stationary computer or laptop. Those who need both a portable and a stationary computer must cover part of the expenses from their own operating funds. The equipment that is purchased is UiB's property. This also applies when the equipment is financed by the research fellow's operating funds. Fellows who wish to take over IT equipment (portable computer, tablet, etc.) after the scholarship period is over, can contact Steinar Sælebakke at the department.If the department does not need the equipment, the research fellow can buy it. In that case, the prices are these:

- Equipment under 2 years is sold at fifty percent of the purchase price

- Equipment that is between 2 and 4 years old is sold at 30 percent of the purchase price

- Equipment older than 4 years can be purchased for free

The person who purchases the machine is responsible for this uninstalling and reinstalling when they exit the UiB system, otherwise the computers will work poorly.


Obligatory work (Pliktarbeid)

Internal routines at LLE are anchored in the faculty's routines for organizing the PhD candidates' work period (approved by the faculty board on 7 June 2011). The internal department routines are an elaboration of the routines at the faculty and must be seen in connection with these. The routines apply to candidates who have been employed for four years where one year (25% of contract time) constitutes an obligatory work period (in Norwegian: Pliktarbeid)


• The PhD coordinator ensures that the subject coordinator, candidate and supervisor have relevant information about rates and hours for obligatory work, when the PhD candidates begins their position.

• The subject coordinator, supervisor and PhD candidate make a plan for the candidate's work period and fill in the relevant form. The PhD coordinator is convening this meeting. The signed form (with signature from both supervisor, PhD candidate and subject coordinator) must be submitted to the PhD coordinator and research coordinator.

• Major changes during the period will take place in consultation between the candidate, supervisor and subject coordinator. In that case, the PhD coordinator must state on the plan that he has been revised.

PhD coursework (Opplæring)

An important part of the PhD program is the training part or coursework. Read more about it here

Mid-term evaluation (Midtveisevaluering)

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Submission of dissertation

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Trial lecture & Defense (Disputas)

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Printing of the dissertation - financial support from the department

The department pays for the printing of 20 copies of the dissertation in connection with the public defense (10 for the public defense, 6 for the national library, 3 for the univserity library and 1 for the department). The candidate will receive the 10 remaining copies. It is important to follow UiB's routine for printing a dissertation.