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Brita Ytre-Arne (Infomedia, UiB) is professor of media studies and PI for MUCS. She takes part in all studies in the project, and will particularly focus on theory development and new perspectives on media use in crisis situtations.


Hallvard Moe (Infomedia, UiB) is professor of media studies. In MUCS he will lead interview studies of how norwegain citizens use the media in crisis situations, and contribute to studies of datafication and democratic perspectives. 


Håvard Haarstad (CET, UiB) is professor of human geography and director of CET – Centre for climate and energy transformation. In MUCS he will work on stakeholder analysis and lead ethnographic studies of the climate crisis in local communities in Norway.  


Jannie Møller Hartley (Roskilde Universitet) is associate professor of journalism and PI for Data Publics. In MUCS she will contribute to studies of what datafication of the media means  to citizens in crisis situations.


The advisory board for the project is climate sociologist Kari Marie Norgaard (professor, University of Oregon), pandemic rhetoric scholar Øyvind Ihlen (professor, Universitetet i Oslo) and climate psychologist Wouter Poortinga (professor, Cardiff University).