Employee Pages

UiB's News Channels

The University of Bergen has several channels for information about research, education and major events at the institution.

UiB.no/aktuelt  and UiB.no/news 

The news pages are intended to demonstrate the breadth of the University of Bergen and reflect the university's strategic focus on research, education and community contact.


Hubro is UiB's research and education magazine, and is aimed at the general Norwegian-speaking public. Hubro uses material of a high journalistic and visual quality to present the university's research and teaching in a considered and accessible manner. Hubro has a high print run and is issued every semester.

The UiB Magazine

The UiB Magazine (previously Hubro International) is published once a year, and is intended to raise the profile of UiB as an internationally acclaimed research university, demonstrate that UiB is a university with a broad range of disciplines, and put UiB into an 'exotic' setting with its Western Norway location. The magazine's primary target readers are international students and researchers interested in studying or working at UiB.

UiB's calendar

UiB's calendar provides an overview of activities organised by and at the University of Bergen.

UiB and social media

TV and film

The editors at the Communication division produce items/multimedia content for UiB's news channels, as well as various TV productions that focus on UiB's core activities. They also produce information material for UiB, in text and TV format.

På Høyden

På Høyden is the University of Bergen's independent newspaper. På Høyden is edited in accordance with the 'Redaktørplakaten' and 'Tekstreklameplakaten' declarations and the 'Vær Varsom-plakaten' ethical code of practice.