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Master's exam

Master's exam Maria Eleni Kokkali: "Optimising cell wall disruption of microalgae biomass for release of nutrients and bioactive compounds for aquafeed and food applications"

Maria Eleni Kokkali will present her master's thesis Friday January 17 at 14:15 in Seminar Room A, VilVite Science Museum, for obtaining the degree of Master in Biology - Aquaculture Biology.

Main supervisor, external: Katerina Kousoulaki, Nofima AS
Main supervisor, internal: Karin Pittman, University of Bergen
Co-supervisors: Åge Oterhals, Gunnhild Hovde and Tor Andreas Samuelsen, Nofima AS

Exam commission:

External examiner: Pedro Araujo, Institute of Marine Research
Internal examiner: Tom Ole Nilsen, University of Bergen

Time: Friday, January 17, 14:15-16:00
Location: Seminar Room A, 2nd floor, VilVite Science Museum, Thormøhlens gate 51


Everyone interested are welcome!