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PhD fellow Ester Kringeland, associate professor Dana Cramariuc and MD Christian Berg-Hansen presented posters and professor Eva Gerdts was invited to give a lecture on Hypertension in Women. Here together at the convention center in Chicago.
Good cardiac health is an important factor for women’s health. It is therefore time for women’s health focus to move out of the bikini. Helga Midtbø lectured about women’s health in a cardiological perspective for the Western Norway Regional Health Authority Board.
Senior researcher PhD Helga Midtbø presented new knowledge about high blood pressure in women at the women’s health session at the Norwegian Society of Cardiology Autumn Meeting in Oslo 22.11.22. New research has demonstrated that the risk for cardiovascular disease starts to increase at a lower blood pressure level in women than men. This points to the need for sex specific guidelines on... Read more
Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory has been awarded 7 993 000 kr from the Norwegian Cancer Society for the project "Is BRCA1 methylation in early embryonic life the first step towards cancer?". The project is led by Stian Knappskog and is one of 25 projects among 143 applicants that receives funding in this year's allocations.