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PhD fellow Arleen Aune defended her PhD thesis ‘Cardiac organ damage in systemic hypertension: Impact of gender, etiology and comorbidities’ 15.03.24
Associate Professor Kari Jegerstedt gave a humorous and inspiring lecture on sex and gender and understanding of different categories and dimensions
The Female Heart workshop takes place at Solstrand Hotel & Bad outside Bergen on May 7th and 8th 2024. The workshop is hosted by the Center for Research on Cardiac Disease in Women at UiB and focuses on sex differences in cardiovascular risk and disease.
This years Annual Research Presentations by the Research School in Clinical Medicine.
The annual Christmas Seminar took place at hotel Terminus Dec 11. The PhD fellows Anja Linde and Marit Sandberg chaired the meeting, here together with Edda Bahlmann PhD from Hamburg University
UiB research reveals that around 20 per cent of all cases of the most severe form of breast cancer may arise from the small group of normal tissue cells carrying an epimutation of a specific gene.
About half of children with celiac disease have problems with enamel damage. UiB researchers have now found that the cause is an immune reaction to one of the most common proteins in cow’s milk.
Our long term collaboration with the research group of Jakub Abramson at Weizmanns institute in Israel har resulted in two new publications in high ranked journals
PhD fellow Lisa M. D. Grymyr passed her midway evaluation with an excellent presentation of her project: Cardiac function in severe obesity and after bariatric surgery
PhD fellow Marit Sandberg chaired the Center seminar on the impact of perimenopause on women’s work life.
PhD candidate Marit Sandberg presented her research at the 8th International Congress on Cardiac Problems in Pregnancy (CPP) 2023 in Abu Dhabi October 19-22, 2023
Research sheds light on how genetics influences the growth of the placenta and reveals a link to increased risk of disease in the mother.
Research advisors at the Faculty of Medicine have recently launched a new portal for researchers applying for external funding.
Associate professor Inger Haukenes and professor Silje Mæland present. Are YOU ready? Then bring your lunch box to meeting room 8.1-8.2 Laboratory building, Monday 30.10.23 @ 12-13. Coffee and tea will be served together with the Center cake. The event is open to all
The discovery of the researchers at the University of Bergen and University of Oslo shed new light on the connection between the brain and our gut.
The multicenter research-project Ultradian has published their first findings