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A solemn ceremony at the Foyer of Sentralblokken, Haukeland University Hospital, ended the Research Presentations 2015.
What is the best treatment for older adults with NSTEMI or acute angina? This is the research question professor Anette Hylen Ranhoff from the Bergen Geriatric Research Group and collaborators from the University of Oslo sought to answer in a recent study published in the Lancet.
The final day of the Research presentations from 2015 was ended with a ceremony at the Foyer, Sentralblokken, Haukeland University Hospital
Bergen Postgraduate School in Clinical medicine would like to invite you to the upcomming event "Research presentations from 2015".
Associate professor Susanne Hernes from the Bergens Oldest (BOLD) research group received a travel grant today from the Fulbright Foundation.
Mid-term evaluation of Ole Martin Steihaug
Researchers K1, K2 and Helse-Bergen are hereby invited to present their work to fellow researchers and the general audience
A special gene variant may be part of the explanation for increased fat storage in half of the population. This finding may give patients new and better targeted treatments in the future.
Researchers at the University of Bergen (UiB) have discovered that a rare autoimmune disease called APS1 may be more common than previously believed. The disease can lead to diabetes, hair loss, loss of pigments, dental problems and a number of other problems, especially in the internal organs.
How can people suffering from Sjögren's syndrome get a proper diagnosis and better treatment? This is the key issue at the thirteenth International Symposium on Sjögren's syndrome in Bergen.
Researchers at the University of Bergen have discovered a gene variant that increases the risk of chronic pancreatitis
From "Bergensavisen" (BA) 30.01.15: Forskning fra Forskerskolen på Haukeland: Renholdsarbeidere utsatt for astma og kols
This year is the 10th anniversary for the Research Presentations, and we hope as many as possible can attend.
Centre for Pharmacy is happy to welcome award winning and innovative professor from UK top University to our team.
Great talks and delicious JULEGRØT! This is an invitation to Forskerskolens Networking Luncheon. Remember to sign up!