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The Norwegian Research Council (Forskningsrådet) invites seven finalists from the University of Bergen to the second round of evaluations in the race of becoming "Senter for Fremragende Forskning (SFF)" (Center for Excellent Research).
Article in Aftenposten comments on a study from Center for Diabetes Research published in Nature Genetics.
There is new hope for a more efficient treatment for type 2 diabetes. A rare mutation that gives some individuals a high degree of protection against the disease is discovered.
New research shows that two genetic variants contributes to extreme obesity in children.
Research concludes that medicine in the form of tablets could replace insulin injections for children with neonatal diabetes.
The annual conference "Best Research Presentations" was held by Forskerskolen in Clinical Medicine the January 24.-26. at Haukeland University Hospital.
For the first time, the Norwegian Diabetes Foundation awarded the "Diabetes Foundation Research Award" for excellent diabetes research.
Five researchers from Center for Diabetes Research have contributed in a newly published diabetes study in the prestigious journal Nature Genetics. The study shows that mutations in so-called MODY genes are more frequent than previously assumed, and that not all individuals with these mutations develop diabetes.