Momentum delegate 2021 - 2022

Aslak Hjeltnes

Department of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Psychology

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Aslak Hjeltnes is an associate professor at the Department of Clinical Psychology. Hjeltnes has a background as both a clinical psychologist and researcher, and has previously worked as a clinical psychologist in outpatient and inpatients clinics in Norway.

His current research explores two questions: How can people change and develop when they encounter painful life experiences? What leads to change in psychotherapy? The aim of this research is to understand how psychological interventions may help individuals struggling with different mental health problems. Previous research studies have focused on how clients experience a broad range of psychological interventions, using qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methodologies.

He is currently working on understanding empathy and emotional change processes in psychological therapies. He also has an interest in existential, ethical, and ecological perspectives in psychology, and broader fields of interest in history, sociology, political science, literature and classic music.