Industrial and Aquatic Laboratory (ILAB)

ILAB’s main goal is to arrange aquatic research project for the scientific environment at the universities but also for the aquaculture industry.

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The Industrial and Aquatic Laboratory (ILAB) is a research foundation established in 1989. ILAB offers a vide variety of services in all stages of research projects or trials.

Technical support and advice in planning phases of projects are given as well as practical work during trials. ILAB also offers scientific competence and writing of reports .

The main target group is the industry and public institutes in need of aquaculture facilities and competence in the fishery, aquaculture and environmental areas. The facility maintained by ILAB was founded by the Norwegian state through the University of Bergen (UiB) and The High Technology Centre in Bergen. Administration and use of the facilities is regulated in an agreement between UiB and ILAB.

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