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Meltzer Award

Alistair Seddon wins Meltzer Award for Young Researchers

The Meltzer Award was given to Alistair in recognition of his outstanding academic record in terms of degrees, prizes, research grant, innovative research projects, broad research experience, and international publications.

Forsker Alistair Seddon, Institutt for biologi, Universitetet i Bergen (UiB).
Forsker Alistair Seddon, Institutt for biologi, Universitetet i Bergen (UiB).

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Alistair is currently a Research Council of Norway Young Research Talent Fellow and Associate Professor in Quaternary Palaeocology. In the last five years he has published 14 papers or book chapters in international publications such as Nature, Nature Climate Change, Ecology, Journal of Ecology, Journal of Applied Ecology, Ecological Applications, PLoS ONE, Global Environmental Change, Diatom Research, Journal of Phycology, and The Holocene. He has received 14 research grants in addition to his current Young Research Talent grant that funds his PollChem project. Alistair is a member of the editorial board of Biology Letters published by the Royal Society of London, and is the principal investigator of a Past Global Changes (PAGES) working group on ecosystem resilience in the past (EcoRe3).

In addition to all this Alistair teaches, skis, climbs, runs, DJs, and generously helps students and colleagues.

Congratulations on a very well deserved Meltzer Award.