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Eemian digitised fossil pollen percentage data - eight spreadsheets of data digitised from published pollen diagrams

Fennoscandian red-listed forest species - spreadsheet of red-listed forest species in Fennoscandia and by individual country

Internal webpages for Bio - information pertaining to persons, buildings, procedures and rules

Macrofossil cards - drawings of seeds and fruits of selected taxa from Minnesota

Macrofossil sampling for AMS dating - protocol on how collect down-core samples of terrestrial plant macrofossils for AMS dating

Mosses and Liverworts - online edition of the British Bryological Society fieldguide

Nordic Plant Attributes - Climate indicator values for the native Nordic flora

Norgeskart - Detailed maps of Norway

NorPol - Norwegian Pollen Database

Norwegian pollen types - list of pollen and spore types for native and non-native Norwegian vascular plants

R - Project for statistical computing

UBB Library - for searching for electronic journal articles


Special papers and reports

Birks 1995 - important chapter on quantitative palaeoenvironmental reconstructions

Birks 1980 - Excursion Guide for Fifth International Palynological Conference

Botanical Expeditions - Reports, photos, and species lists from John and Hilary's Expeditions to alpine environments