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Project leader Kjersti Fløttum and research assistant Jana Paulina Scheurer have started data collection for a school survey connected to the CLIMLIFE research project.
On Friday, January 15th, PhD candidate Runa Falck held a presentation on language and climate for Viken Fylkeskommune (Viken County Council).
Kjersti Fløttum has given a keynote at the international symposium “How to talk about the environment?” / ”Comment parler de l’environnement?”.
In the framework of her PhD study, Runa Falck held a presentation centered on philosophy of science.
On the general meeting of the Institute for Foreign Languages on 21st October 2020, postdoctoral fellow Ida Andersen gave a presentation on her planned study associated to the CLIMLIFE project.
New research project within the LINGCLIM group.
Kjersti Fløttum, head of the LINGCLIM research group, participated at a panel debate entitled "Apocalypse soon - or do the worries rain away?" as part of the National Science Week in Bergen.
Professor Mike Hulme, University of Cambridge, held an open guest lecture on September 6, 2019. It is now available as a podcast.
The film "Talking about climate" is produced by 1001 Films for the LINGCLIM project (English subtitles).
The LINGCLIM project arranged a multidisciplinary conference on climate change in Bergen.
The collaboration between Professor Kjersti Fløttum and Associate Professor Øyvind Gjerstad started when Øyvind was Kjersti's student. Now the two work together on a project about the role of language in the climate change debate.
Using a new method, researchers in Bergen discovered that so-called climate sceptics are more ambivalent about climate issues than previously assumed. Their results have now been published in Nature Climate Change.
Several of the LINGCLIM members was involved in the national Science Week in Norway. Among the activities were lectures, debates and a stand on Science fair in several Norwegian cities.
The 2014 open SAMKUL conference is being held in Trondheim November 3. Among the main speakers are Ken Albala fra Pacific University, Karin Zachmann fra Technisches Universität München and Philip McMichael from Cornell.
LINGCLIM were happy to have very interesting a research visit from Assistant Professor Michael Jones from Oregon State University.
LINGCLIM participated on the Christie Conference as an exhibitor