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Feelgood media in times of crisis

Do we need feelgood media right now? Professor Hallvard Moe visited NRK P2 Arena to discuss news and media use during times of war and societal crisis.

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Overwhelmed by crises

How do people use feelgood tv shows, such as "Friends" or "Side om side", in times of crisis? Professor Hallvard Moe visited P2 Arena to discuss why we feel overwhelmed by a news cycle filles with crisis situations, and feelgood tv as a managing strategy. 

Many people report feeling overwhelmed by the news

Hallvard underlined that in modern times, unlike 20-30 years ago, the news are constantly available to us. Research shows that a lot of people go through periods of avoiding news altogether, perhaps as a strategy for managing their news use and feelings of being overwhelmed. This can mean replacing news use with other activites, such as video games or perhaps feelgood tv. 

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Is climate journalism too dark?

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