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Writing Europe 500-1450 (2015)

Writing Europe, 500-1450: Texts and Contexts. Edited by Aidan Conti, Orietta Da Rold and Philip Shaw. Martlesham: Boydell & Brewer, 2015. ISBN 9781843844150

Detail of the cover of "Writing Europe 500-1450" by Aidan Conti et al (2015)

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Medieval Europe was characterized by a sophisticated market for the production, exchange and sale of written texts. This volume brings together papers on a range of topics, centred on manuscript studies and textual criticism, which explore these issues from a pan-European perspective. They examine the prolonged and varied processes through which Europe's different parts entered into modern reading, writing and communicative practices, drawing on a range of approaches and perspectives; they consider material culture, multilingualism in texts and books, book history, readers, audience and scribes across the Middle Ages.