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AFINO Research School: The relationship between knowledge and action in a pandemic - implications for RRI

This workshop explores the relationship between knowledge and action under a pandemic, and which consequences this has on the theoretical contours, practical implementation and teaching of RRI.

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The AFINO Research School will develop and run interdisciplinary courses for PhD candidates from varied research cultures, on RRI and CSR.

Main content

The workshop was held on 4 and 8 December 2020.

The workshop is split into two parts:

Friday, December 4th: The participants are invited to follow online the streamed symposium "Sick Society’", organised by the Senter for Vitenskapsteori, University of Bergen (SVT UiB). The symposium explores the relation between knowledge and action in a pandemic. Participants will be asked to pay particular attention to the last session (from 16:00-17:30), which is a panel discussion composed of people who had to work under the semi-lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic and apprehend the new measures in order to keep their activities going (in schools, kindergartens, hospitals and newspapers).

Tuesday, December 8th: The participants will gather again (online or at SVT for those based in Bergen) for a reflexive session on what RRI looks like "at speed", when facing urgent, uncertain and complex issues.

Participants who want the 1 ECTS will be required to submit a two-page advisory note to the course organiser (Anne Bremer) with advice to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (in Norwegian: Folkehelseinstituttet) or alike, for guiding responsible practices within their institution.

Who can participate: PhD candidates, early career and senior researchers, professors and R&D practitioners (both from AFINO and broader RRI/CSR networks)

Optional credits: 1 ECTS

Reading list: Will be circulated in due time.

Preliminary program:

Friday, December 4th

10:00 – 17:30: SVT’s symposium ‘Sick Society’". See detailed programme here.

Tuesday, December 8th

10:00 – 12:00: Discussion and reflections about what RRI looks like "at speed", when facing urgent, uncertain and complex issues.