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AFINO (Ansvarlig forskning og innovasjon i Norge)

AFINO is a virtual research centre for theory and activities on Responsible Research and Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility.

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AFINO aims to build new arenas for learning across disciplines and sectors.

Main content

AFINO was funded in 2019 by the Research Council of Norway, with the aim to build a learning and networking platform for PhD candidates, postdocs and researchers from various backgrounds and disciplines around the topics of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Norway.

What will AFINO do?

Through a broad range of activities, such as a research school, workshops, conferences and events encouraging stakeholder dialogue between professions, industries, and disciplines, PhDs and researchers will be given the opportunity to reflect on and critically discuss what RRI and CSR mean, and how to concretely implement these concepts in their current and future research projects. The AFINO hub intends to assemble different types of knowledge and competences over the long term, so that PhD candidates and others are in an ongoing constructive dialogue with various innovation actors such as researchers from various fields, companies, funders, and policy-makers, exploring new ways of collaboration for sustainable and ethical social innovation and development.

AFINO researchers at SVT

More specifically to SVT, Anne Bremer leads WP3: “The AFINO Research School”, which will develop and run interdisciplinary courses for PhD candidates from varied research cultures, on RRI and CSR. We will address themes such as history and philosophy of science, research ethics, the social contract of science, the triple/quadruple helix model of innovation, and the interactions between science, society and policy.

Matthias Kaiser participates in WP3, in addition to leading WP8: “Integrity, ethics and responsibility in RRI and CSR” in his capacity of Prof. II at NTNU. WP8 will encourage critical reflection, learning and dialogue about the status of research and business ethics in Norway, in particular through talks, lectures and widely accessible blog posts.