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Books and other materials from the University Library are found through Oria in the search box at the top of this page. Printed books are sorted on the shelves after the Dewey classification system (explanation). E-books are available as long as you are connected to the UiB network. Is the book you are looking for not in our holdings? Suggest a purchase.

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Scholarly articles

A scholarly article presents new research and/or provides new insight into academic issues. It is important to be able to retrieve such articles to keep up-to-date on a research field.


PubMed (Medline)
Covering medisin, pharmacy and biochemistry

Web of Science
Multidisciplinary database for scientific articles. Web of Science shows a complete reference list for all articles.

SciFinder gives access to scientific work within chemistry, biomedisin, material technology and more. SciFinder is only availble for students and staff at UiB. Contact the Science Library if you need help to register as a user

Library Services

Subject Specialist in molecuar biology will be happy to make an appointment with you if you need help with litterature in you procjet:

  • EndNote
  • How  to cite and refer various surces correctly in a paper
  • How to find and use e-books
  • Intellectual property rights issues relating to the publication and use of another's intellectual work
  • Publication Fund
  • Critical reflection measurement methods and their use in evaluation purposes
  • The national system for registration, evaluation and reporting of research and research documentation (Cristin)
  • Documentation of search
  • Exhaustive and precise search
  • Overview of current platforms and databases (with strengths and weaknesses)
  • Use of Thesaurus / bases' controlled vocabularies in search
  • Analyzing the literature by bibliometric methods