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Academic skills – guide for researchers

If you want to learn more about scientific writing and publishing, collaborations, and open research, you can gain insight through PhD on Track, take online courses offered by Nature, or order courses.

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PhD on track

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The national website PhD on Track targets PhD candidates and young researchers from all academic fields. The main topics are the research process, communicating results, and Open Science:

As a researcher at UiB, you have the opportunity to follow online courses from the prestigious Nature. The so-called Nature Masterclasses puts focus on the research process based on the natural sciences. Note that you will be asked to register when connecting for the first time. If you are off-campus, please make sure you are connected remotely.
Choose between the following offers:

The University Library also provides a selection of courses on different research relevant topics:

In addition to this selection, please explore custom courses at your library.

Custom courses can be requested and tailored.