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Art History: 700 - 779

Art & art history, general


700: Theory, methodology, general

701: Art history, theory, philosophy, esthetics701.17: Estethics702: Conservation 
703: Encyclopedia704: Ikonography705: Journals  
707: Research708: Museums and galleries  

709 General

709: General    
709.01: Primitive art709.02 500-1500709.021: 500-1200709.03 1500-1800 
709.04 1900709.05 2000    
709.2 Artists, biographies 

710-719: Area planning and landscape architecture


720 Architecture

720: Architecture, general  
720.94: Europe720.9481: Norway 
721: Materials and structural elements722: Earliest times to ca. 300723: Ca. 300 to 1399724: From 1400 
725: Offentlige bygg726: Religiøse bygg 
727: Skoler, museer, etc728: Boliger, slott, etc729: Design og dekor  
730 Sculpture 
730: Sculpture, general 

740 Graphic arts

740: Graphic arts & decorative arts741: Drawing and drawings 
741.5: Comics and manga745: Decorative arts 
746: Textile arts 747: Interior decoration 

750 Painting and paintings

750: Painting and paintings, general751: Techniques 
752: Colour753-757: Iconography, symbols 
758: Other motifs759: Geographic place 

760 Printmaking and prints

760: Printmaking and prints, general761-764: Printmaking 
769.92: Printers, monographs, biographies  

770 Photography, computer art, cinematography, videography

770: Photography, general770.92: Photographers, biography 
775: Digital photo776: Digital art, computer art 
779: Photographic images, collections  

Marcus: Photo collection at UiB


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