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The library provides access to a wide selection of books, theses and journals in archaeology, in printed or electronic form. Oria, the search box above, is used to search the catalogue. If you are unable to locate a book you may make a purchase request or interlibrary loan. For assistance in literature search please contact your academic librarian below.


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Books in archaeology are found at the Library of humanities with books on history. Most books are classified in two major subdivisions: The ancient world until 500 AD, numbers 930-939. More recent history has the numbers 940-949. Within these two groups, books are classified according to geographical region. Relevant literature is also found with Art history, no. 732-733 and religious studies, no. 290-299. Technical literature is frequently found at the Library of science.


Lower floor

Archaeology and history of the ancient world until 500 AD
930.1: Theory, method, prehistory (before 4000 BC) and interdisciplinary works.
931: China936.1-2: British Isles937: Italy
932: Egypt936.3: Germanic938: Greece
933: Levant936.4: Keltic939: other
934: India936.6: Iberia 
935: Mesopotamia936.8: Scandinavian prehistory and bronze age
Archaeology and history of the Middle ages and later
941.013-19 and 942.01-05: British Isles
948.022: Scandinavian Iron age, Viking age in general
948.101/.501/.901 and 949.12: Iron age: Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Island

Second and first floor

292: Classical religions732: Rock art
293: Germanic and Norse religion733: Ancient sculpture
299: Other religions, e.g. Celtic and Egyptian734: Midieval sculpture
363.69: Cultural heritage preservation