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Digital Culture

The library provides access to a wide range of books, papers, journal articles and other document types. These can easily be found by searching the library catalog Oria. The search result includes both print and electronic media. You can choose fulltext documents in Du kan avgrense trefflisten slik at du bare får fulltekstdokumenter.It is also important to use other databases, to find updated, relevant information. You have access to all this also when you are off campus.


Use the library from home

Start at the University of Bergen Library homepage.

Search the library catalogue Oria as usual. If you experience problems with access, you have to connect to the UiB-network using VPN. Still problems? Send an email, and we will help you.


By searching the library catalog Oria.no you find both e-books and paper books. After a search, you can choose to show only fulltext documents.

At the Art and humanities library you'll find the most important literature in digital culture, including the syllabus. The books in the library are arranged by disciplin, so books that are within the same disciplin stand together on the shelf. Within the disciplin books about the same subject are co-located. Each book has a number written on the back that determines where the book is placed on the library shelf. This is a so called Dewey number and the first numbers indicate the disciplin, while the next says something about the topic. You can also search in Oria on Dewey number, combined with words. You will also find e-books.

Computers - history: 004.09
Computers and women: 004.082
Computer games: 794.8 and 306.487
Digital culture / digital humanities: 001.30285
Digital Art: 776
Digital poetry: 802.85
Electronic literature: 802.85
Academic writing: 808.066
   Litteraturreview: 808.066 and literature review
Information technology - impact on society: 303.4833
Programming languages 005.133
[Javascript] [Java]
Digital rhetoric: 808.00285
Social media: 302.231
Webdesign: 006.7
   Markup languages, among them HTML, CSS: 006.74

Can’t find the book you’re looking for? Please send a book suggestion!


  • List of databases from Oria
    Arts and humanities
    Digital Culture

  • Find examples of best practice

  • Oria.no is a union catalog for the academic libraries in Norway:
    How to search
    How to use e-books
  • Web of Science
  • Sage Research Metods, inclusive Methods Map. (VPN is required).
  • Google Scholar
  • BORA (Bergen Open Research Archive)
    is the archive of scientific material produced by University of Bergen. Here you find master's theses, doctoral theses, articles and other free material. Texts produced by Digital culture is interesting for readers belonging to other disciplines, and it is important that they become publicly available. The University Library will no longer receive the printed thesis, so BORA is the best option for storage and dissemination. Documents in BORA are included in NORA (Norwegian Open Research Archives), a service harvesting the content in all the Norwegian institutional archives, and Open Access journals in Norway.

When you submit your thesis you will get a choice to make it available in BORA. Passed assignments will then be transferred to BORA. Send questions to bora@uib.no


Literature searching

The Search and Write pages and Phd on Track provide guidance in search technology.


Academic writing


New books at the library

Some of the books are ordered, but has not arrived the library.



Brodsky, I.T. (regi). (2016). Beware the Slenderman. New York: HBO

Brooker, C. (forfatter). (2016). Black Mirror. Los Gatos: Netflix

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Nolan, J.,  Joy, L. & Gross, H.W. (forfattere). (2016): Westworld. New York: HBO

Spielberg, S. (regi). (2002). Minority Report. Los Angeles: Twentieth Century Fox

Stanton, A. (2008): Wall-E. Burbank: Walt Disney Pictures

Wachowski, A. & Wachowski, L. (regi). (1999): The Matrix. Burbank: Warner Brothers


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