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The Rose Garden

A spectacular display of modern cultivated roses

Tusenvis av knopper på Rosa 'Lykkefund' pynter snart portalen inn til dei...
Thousands of buds on Rosa 'Lykkefund' adorn the portal to the modern roses
Bjørn Moe

In 1867 the rose 'La France' was launched and became an undisputed success. It was the first commercialized hybrid tea rose with modern features, i.e. cone-shaped flowers, elegant foliage, and repeat flowering. All rose classes that breeders developed subsequently we refer to as "modern roses". In the Rosarium we try to showcase the best modern roses for cultivation in Western Norway, and we bring in some new varieties every year for testing.

The modern roses flower all summer from late June to October.

In the Modern Collection you will find:

  • The “Hall of Fame” of Garden Roses (M1)
  • Scented roses and roses with special colors (M2)
  • Hybrids Teas (M3)
  • Floribunda roses (M4)
  • Modern shrub roses (M5 and M6). In M5d, roses developed by Norwegian breeders are exhibited.
  • Hybrid rugosas (M7)
  • Polyantha roses (M8 and M10)
  • Musk roses (M9)
  • Ground cover roses (M11): At the lower end of the rose garden those with double flowers, and on the slope in the upper end next to the Wild Rose Hill, those with simple flowers.