The University Gardens

Japanese garden philosophy and garden types

A rare opportunity to learn about Japanese gardens.

'Meditasjonshaven' from De Japanske Haver, Fyn in Denmark.
Terhi Pousi

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Peter Dalsgaard will present a lecture on Japanese gardens, giving an introduction to Japanese garden philosophy and different Japanese garden types. Dalsgaard has studied in Japan and today runs "De Japanske Haver" on Funen in Denmark.

"A small piece of Japan in Denmark" is a good description of what the garden on Funen represents. There you can find beautiful Japanese trees, shrubs and other plants, an authentic Japanese tea house, a meditation garden, a shop for Japanese goods, a cafe with Japanese dishes - and a peace and harmony that you otherwise only find in Japan. The garden contains as many as 3,000 plants and 800 tonnes of natural stone. Read more on the website: dejapanskehaver.dk

To be able to create such a garden requires a high level of competence in Japanese culture and garden art. Dalsgaard was given the opportunity early on to travel to Japan and study garden design and garden history at Kyoto University. His interest in Japanese gardens has led him around the world, and he still travels to Japan for a month every year. This spring he will come to Norway and Bergen.

The Norwegian Rhododendron Association, dept. Vest presents this lecture in collaboration with the friends of the Arboretum.