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Mushroom trip in the Arboretum 2022

The forest in the Arboretum has a rich diversity of fungi. Welcome to join the mushroom tour.

Flere sopplukkere har funnet kantareller, og sitter og plukker dem
We invite you to a mushroom trip in the Arboretum.
Terhi Pousi

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The trip starts at Dalsmyra
where there will be a short briefing about the program with tour guides at 11.30 - 12.00.
Then we continue to the forest areas in the Arboretum at 12.00.
After collection, we meet for a fungus control at the Greenhouse at 14.30 - 15.30
Bring a packed lunch and thermos.

Map of the area

Public transport
Bus no. 53 departs from Birkelandsskiftet at 11.14.
The nearest bus stop is called Grendatunvegen, and is located just after the parking lot at Dalsmyra.

Have you been to another place to pick mushrooms, but want to have your basket checked?
Come to the fungus control at the Greenhouse at 2.30 pm - 3.30 pm, and we will help you.

Contact person
Terhi Pousi, email: terhi.pousi@uib.no, tel: 416 49 302
Knut Geelmuyden, tel: 982 34 453

Organizer: Bergen Mushroom and Foraging Association.

Attendance: The car park at Dalsmyra, Arboretum.