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Social Anthropology


Work from home

You can access all electronic material (e-books, articles, databases) outside campus if you install Cisco Anyconnect VPN.

You will find more comprehensive information about how to work from home at IT-help UiB (You must use a FEIDE login).

Academic Journals

A selection of international social anthropological journals. In some cases we do not own the entire archive digitally, but will then usually have it on paper in the depot. 

Relevant Norwegian journals

Where to search for academic articles

  • Oria is the library catalogue of most research institutions in Norway, and will show both physical and digital holdings. 
  • Web of Science - an index of a selection of the most important journals in most subjects.
  • ArticleFirst (OCLC) - an index of about journals. 
  • Google Scholar - a search engine limited to scientific and scholarly work.

Are you in doubt where and how to search? Contact your subject librarian for help.


Books on social anthropology

Using Oria, you will find the tab "Get it" where status and location is given for the document. E-books are usually found within the search result, and are accessible when you are connected to the UiB network.

Social anthropology is a subject that employs books and resources from different fields. Regarding books more specific to social anthropology, the book collection is organised by the Dewey classification system, where social anthropology is divided into the following main categories:

  • 300  Social Science
    • 301 Sociology and anthropology
    • 302-307 Specific subjects within subjects within sociology and anthropology
      • 302 Social interaction
      • 303 Sociale processes
      • 304 Factors affecting social behavior
      • 305 Groups of people
      • 306 Culture and institutions
        • 306.09 Monographs. We have lined up these geographically rather than on language or ethnic group.


Handbooks are thematic collections of articles with thorough introductions to topics and a critical survey of the current state of scholarship by leading scholars. Here are a few examples.


Academic writing

Useful resources on academic writing

You have several books on academic writing available in the library. See shelf signature 808.066 for titles like How to write your master's thesis or How to write and publish a scientific paper. 


Sage research methods online -  tool designed to help you create research projects and understand the methods behind them. More than 800 eBooks on methodology available. SRM can also be used to plan the research process from design to final analysis.

Search Oria for books and articles on methodology.

Working papers

Working papers report research findings well in advance of formal publication. High-quality working papers are published by research organizations such as

 as well as by academic departments and non-governmental organizations. 

Statistics and data



  • Eurostat - Statistics from the European union member states and economic partners



Newspaper archives

  • Atekst -  includes the archives from some of the largest media concerns in Norway. In Norwegian only.
  • Pressreader - 6000 international newspapers and magazines, most recent editions available.
  • Proquest - International news archive from 2000 and onward.



Endnote is a reference manager tool that lets you collect, organise and manage different sources through the research process. Endnote is available for download on pc, mac and ipad. An online solution is also available. Get Endnote.

Introduction and help on Endnote: Windows or Mac.

Master thesis from the Department of Social Anthropology (UiB)

Approved master thesis from UiB are in most cases available in BORA - Bergen Open Research Archive. In Oria you will also find master thesis from other institutions in Norway. 

All master students at the University of Bergen are welcome to make their thesis available in BORA. Read more on making your master's thesis available in Bora.


Library courses

The library offers both general and tailored courses, and students and staff both are welcome to contact the subject librarian Erik Hauke Tønnesen for guidance in literature search. Contact subject librarian (below) for more information. The University Library arranges several courses that can be tailored to the need of the user. Feel free to take a look at the library's catalogue of courses


Other institutions in Bergen

The department of Social Anthropology is not the only place where the subject is studies and researched. Other institutions also operates within the field.

CIH - Centre for International Health

Established in 1988, the Centre for International Health (CIH) at the University of Bergen (UiB) is an inter-Faculty Centre for research and training within the field of Global Health.

CIH works in partnerships with research institutions in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), and aims to:

  • Coordinate and conduct high quality, relevant and innovative global health research
  • Teach, supervise, and facilitate learning in global health
  • Disseminate research and engage in policy discussions on pertinent global health issues

CMI - Chr. Michelsen Institute

CMI is an independent development research institute in Norway. With a staff of 70 people, they address issues that shape global developments and generate knowledge that can be used to fight poverty, advance human rights, and promote sustainable social development.