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Randi Bertelsen

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BRuSH research group us an interdisciplinary group that covers disciplines such as epidemiology, statistics, biostatistics, ecology, molecular biology, microbiology, dentistry, and medicine. We aim to understand the associations between bacteria in our environment and body, inflammatory conditions in the oral cavity, and how this relates to lung health. Our goal is to contribute to prevention of chronic lung disease and increase the quality of life during aging.

We collaborate with several other groups at the University of Bergen, the Oral health center of expertise and Haukeland University Hospital. We have many international collaborators such as within Aarhus University and Denmark Technical University, Copenhagen (Denmark), Borstel Research Center (Germany), National Institute of Health (USA), Uppsala University (Sverige), Osaka University (Japan), and our study centers in Reykjavik (Iceland), Melbourne (Australia) and Tartu (Estonia).

Our projects include topics such as


If you would like to visit us, we have our offices and labs at the laboratory building at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen.