Centre for Sustainable Area Management (CeSAM)
Arendalsuka 2022

CeSAM represents at Arendalsuka 2022

Arendalsuka 2022 has started, and our centre leaders are part of the program on multiple occasions. The yearly political festival covers a wide range of topics and activities, but Inger Måren and Vigdis Vandvik will appear on stage to discuss the nature crisis, how to bring a sustainability mindset to science education, and ways in which nature can be given a voice in our economic system.


Main content

Here are our highlights of the program:

Nature vs capital - how can animals and plants win against the power of money?

Organized by Sparebank1. Introduction by Vandvik V, Debatte with Heidi Nordby Lunde, Even Aleksander Hagen, Vigdis Vandvik, Else Hendel, Gina Gylver, Karoline Bakka Hjertø, Jannik Arvesen, Richard Heiberg. Arendalsuka August 16th  

The nature crisis – and how to solve it

Organized by WWF, this is a seminar series followed by a panel debate with politicians, discussing the nature crisis, the UN biodiversity agreement, and what Norway can do to fight the climate crisis. Seminar with introduction «Har vi en naturkrise?» by Vandvik V. Arendalsuka August 16th 

The nature crisis, coming soon to a place near you. Main debate.

Organized by Sabima and Arendalsuka, a panel consisting of Vigdis Vandvik, Anne-Beth Skrede, and Idar Kreutzer will discuss the following questions: In what way should we face the natural crisis nationally? How can we take care of nature and develop society at the same time?  Introduction by Vandvik V. Arendalsuka August 17th.   

The green race of the regions. 

Seminar organized by Footprint, with commentary of Vandvik, V. Arendalsuka August 17th.

Society's needs vs. nature's endurance.

Organized by Nye veier. Introduction and debate with Vandvik V, Grøvan HF, Aanesland A, Halse AH.  Arendalsuka August 17th ​​​​​​​

Tomorrow's science education - knowledge for a sustainable future

Organized by the universities of Oslo and Bergen. Through education, universities shape Norway's future. Science is the key to sustainable knowledge, technology and new jobs. How does academia meet society's expectations and needs for green development? We discuss the opportunity space during the seminar, followed by a panel discussion led by Gunn Mangerud. With contribution by Måren, I: "From knowledge to action - how can we contribute?" Arendalsuka August 18th.