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Does prolonged malaria treatment save lives?

A large multinational project seeks to find out whether malaria treatment will improve the health of children with anaemia after discharge from hospital.

Globvac project

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The researchers will also study whether this could be a simple, cost-effective method to prevent disease, readmission to hospital and even death. Professor in Health Economics, Bjarne Robberstad, is project manager for the Norwegian part of the project.

Malaria-induced anaemia is one of the leading causes of admission to hospital of children in Africa. It is a major component of the disease burden in African countries. While many children die in the acute phase while still hospitalised, many also die at home up to several months after being discharged. Although management of malaria and severe anaemia follow well-established protocols when patients are in hospital, systematic follow-up management has not been established for the post-discharge period. This is precisely what the researchers behind this project are currently investigating.

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