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Important dates

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Second semester

Submission of Master Agreement

Due end of January

The Agreement for Master’s Degree Programs (contract) must be completed and signed by all parties involved by the end of January. Unfortunately the webpage is in Norwegian, but you will find the agreement in English at the bottom of the page.

Submission of Research proposal

Deadline 15 April - if this day falls on a week-end, the following Monday

Assignment folder on Mitt UiB, course code INTH330A

In addition the main supervisor should complete this form within the same deadline: Evaluation of the research proposals by the main supervisor. This is where the main supervisor gives a short statement regarding scientific soundness and feasibility of the proposed project, and documents that the supervisors have been involved in the discussion and development of the proposal.

Fouth semester

Deferred submission of Master thesis

If you are unable to submit your Master thesis within the deadline 15 May, you can apply for an extension.

The following can be a basis for an extended submission deadline:

  • Illness of the student: In the case of documented illness, the submission deadline can be extended corresponding to the illness period.
  • Illness of the supervisor
  • Breach of contract from supervisor
  • Documented delay due to error/delayed shipment of material, failure of equipment or lack of informants/data basis.
  • Personal conflict between student/supervisor
  • Other special reasons may also provide a basis for a delayed submission deadline.

The application must contain:

  • How long you apply for deferment and when you want to submit.
  • The reason for the postponement
  • Whether the supervisor(s) have been informed and have approved the postponement.

Applications are sent via e-mail to the Programme Committee, att. Head Karen Marie Moland (Karen.Moland@uib.no) with a copy to Linda.Forshaw@uib.no as soon as the need is known, and no later than one month before the submission deadline for the Master thesis.

Submission of Application to sit for the Master’s examination

Deadline 1 May

Application form

Submission of Master’s thesis:

Deadline 15 May

Submit on Studentweb (Instructions)

Thesis guidelines and template

Master programme in Global Health:

30 ECTS credit Thesis

60 ECTS credit Thesis


Master programme in International Health:

Master programme in Oral Sciences:


Find instructions for ordering your Diploma here, when you have completed your degree.