Centre for International Health
National research festival 2011

CIH attending the National Science Week

This year’s national research festival starts on Friday 23 September. CIH will be represented both in the Researcher Grand Prix and in the research talks on the theme “Bergen in the world, the world in Bergen”.

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Last year's Researcher Grand Prix was a huge success and now ten new researchers are ready to enter this year’s competition. Each has four minutes to engage the audience and the judges in their research. Research fellow Marte Jürgensen will represent CIH and she will present her research on HIV in Zambia.

Jürgensen is a medical doctor from NTNU and she now does her PhD at CIH. She is researching how to get more people in Zambia to test themselves for HIV. She has been to Zambia several times to collect research data and she works closely with the University of Zambia.

Read more about Researcher Grand Prix here.

Bernt Lindtjørn is both professor at CIH and chief physician at the surgical clinic at Haukeland University Hospital. Saturday 24 September he will give a talk on his many years of experience as a researcher and doctor in Africa. The presentation is entitled "Mothers who die when they give birth" and concerns how difficult it is to prevent women dying during childbirth in developing countries.

The talk is included in the feature series "Bergen in the world, the world in Bergen" and will be held at Cafe Sanaa in Marken at 13:00. Read more here.