Bybanekaos og parlamentarisme: Statsvitenskapelige perspektiver på den politiske krisen i Bergen

On Monday December 6, Professor Anne Lise Fimreite and Professor Jacob Aars met commentator in Bergens Tidende, Morten Myksvoll, for an academic conversation on forms of governance in Norwegian municipalities.

Anne Lise og Jacob
Ingrid Kvåle Faleide/DIGSSCORE

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The backdrop for the conversation was the political crisis that the case of the route choice for “Bybanen” to Åsane had triggered in Bergen. The conversation touched upon both parliamentarism, presidential systems and party politics in Bergen. The webinar was streamed from the Corner Room at DIGSSCORE, and it was open to the public. About 40 participants attended the webinar.

A summary of the conversation can be found in this "Medborgernotat". It is available in Norwegian only.