Appealing Examination Results

You are entitled to request an explanation of your grade, appeal grades or make a formal complaint regarding formal errors during an examination.


Person ved skolepult

Would you like to request an explanation of your grade?

Relevant legislation quotes the following: ”The candidate is eligible to receive an explanation of the grades given on their assessments. At an oral examination or assessment of practical skills the request must be put forward immediately after the student has been informed of the grade. For any other assessment the request for an explanation must, if the candidate receives the information about the grade electronically and can make the request for an explanation in the same way, make this request within 1 week from the date the grade was published. At any other type of announcement, the request for an explanation must be put forward within 1 week from the date the candidate received information about the grade, and no longer than 3 weeks from when the grade was published. (…) If you make a request for an explanation of your grade or a formal complaint regarding assessments or examinations, the deadline for appeal starts when the candidate has received the explanation or when the final outcome of the appeal is ready.

Would you like to appeal your grade?

The deadline to put forward an appeal on your grade is three (3) weeks after you have received the explanation of your grade. A new examination committe will re-assess your exam. The result after appeal is final and can not be appealed. The result can be both favourable and unfavourable.

For more information visit Grads – og studiereglementet ved UiB


Would you like to make an appeal regarding formal errors during your examination?

Kap. 5 § 5-2 i Universitets- og høgskolelova allows you to appeal against formal errors during your examination. The deadline for putting forward an appeal is three weeks after the examination date. The appeal must be in writing and sent to the faculty in charge of the examination. It is The central appeal committe that considers appeals regarding formal errors during examinations. Formal errors at examinations can be for example errors in the test paper, conditions in the examination room or administrative errors. You can make an appeal regarding formal errors at any type of examination / assessment.