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Purchases and procurements

Individual purchases

An individual purchase is made when a need can not be met by a framework agreement.

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The procedure for individual purchases depend on the price of the good(s)/service(s). Firstly, they are separated by an amount limit of 100.000 NOK, VAT exclusive. A purchase cannot be subdivided with the aim of falling below the amount limit of 100.000 NOK. If the estimated price is only just below the amount limit, the procedure for purchases over 100.000 NOK should be followed.

How to estimate the cost of a purchase?

A cost estimate of a purchase can be based on previous purchases or information on market prices. Note that gathering information on market prices for the purpose of estimating cost is not the same as conducting a competition. When contacting suppliers directly, please explain that you are asking for a preliminary price estimate in preparation of a competition, as market research. For example, you can write an email to potential suppliers saying:    

<Department> intends to purchase a...[describe briefly need and use]. Before we conduct a competition for delivery of [...], we wish to gather information on which products are available in the market, and approximately what these products cost. Therefore, we have contacted your firm, and ask you to please send us a list of relevant products covering our needs. We also ask for a price estimate, VAT exclusive, including delivery (DDP) and a 3-year warranty. 

Individual purchases  under 100.000

Individual purchases with an estimated value under 100.000 NOK, VAT exclusive, can normally be made without support from the Procurement section, Seksjon for innkjøp. To ensure good value for money, it is always wise to consider several offers before deciding what to buy. For helpfulp tips on making a good purchase, please click here. 

Individual purchases over 100.000

If the estimated value of your purchase is over 100.000 NOK, VAT exclusive, please contact the Procurement section. Do this via IssueTracker, or by contacting one our employees directly. The Procurement section has four procurement categories: adminsitrative purchases, property-related purchases, academic purchases and ICT-related purchases. You will find a list of employees working with the different procurement categories here.

Contact the Procurement section, with the following information:

  • A short specification of the good or service you wish to purchase
  • Requirements regarding delivery, installation, training, warranty, service and support, software, options, etc.
  • Estimated price
  • Time schedule
  • Potential suppliers
  • Confirmation of approval from leader with budget authority (BDM)

The duration of a procurement procedure depends on the size, scope and complexity of the purchase. As a rule, several suppliers are invited to submit tenders. For more information on the procurement process for purchases over 100.000, click here

Purchases and research funding

As soon as your grant application for infrastructure has been awarded, please contact the Procurement section. By doing this, the Procurement office can help you prepare an announcement of a procurement competition while waiting for the contract to be signed (usually it takes a few weeks between the award and contract signing). Starting the process early is useful,  as a procurement process usually takes 3-6 months, depending on how complex the case is. When preparing a grant application for infrastructure, please remember to apply for sufficient funding to cover VAT, and price increase in the period between application and award, as well as possible unexpected extra costs or charges.