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Thin section and polishing laboratory

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The preparation laboratory is in 2nd floor Rom 2E12b at the University of Bergen and is designed and equipped for the preparation of petrographic thin (30 um) and thick sections (›30 um) of various consolidated and unconsolidated materials.

Fluid inclusion samples, zircon and apatite mounts for geochronological dating are also prepared here.To ensure quality sample preparation/ the laboratory is equipped:Vacuum Unit from Artech AS for impregnation of porous and/ or unconsolidated rock materials.

Isomet 5000 linear precision saw for cutting off the slabs with minimal sample deformation.Astera Grinding Robot (Artech AS) is our thin section-grinding machine that enables precise material removal of the petrographic thin sections from ca 2 mm to 30 microns.

The system has a capacity of 40 samples and uses cup wheels with diamonds embedded in metal for grinding.Struers Polishing machines are used to obtain a smooth/ polished surface of the samples, which will enable further examination (SEM, ICP etc).

The laboratory is also equipped with a petrographic microscope and a binocular.